xecutive Search

RESQ Executive Search operates as an independent business since 1966,
which - by assignment through several organisations - recruits and selects
personnel of middle and senior management levels. Given that we have
considerable experience and a wide network in the Offshore Industry,
Shipbuilding and Petrochemical Industry, there is ample scope for judgement and
assessment to find the right candidates for you.

The specific conditions of your company in relation to the complexity, level and
availability of potential candidates will determine the way we will recruit and
select for your organisation.

When RESQ Executive Search is approached to perform an external search,
we will, at your request, work out a recruitment campaign which comprises 3 stages:

- Briefing stage
- Selection stage
- Closing stage


The procedure RESQ Executive Search will follow for you with regard to the
above-mentioned stages is:

- Analysis, inventory, profile outline
- Search and pre-selection
- Presentation, final selection, closing
- Evaluation and follow-up.

The complete procedure usually takes 6 to 8 weeks.

RESQ Executive Search operates from practical experience in trade and
industry, with accurate knowledge of the Dutch labour market so that it
recruits and selects efficiently and is focussed on results in order to find
the right candidate for you.

Upon request we should be most pleased to send you a complete brochure
of RESQ Executive Search in which you will find more detailed information
about the procedure, strategy and rates. Please use the contact-form.