ESQ Consultancy

A guarantee for your production capacity

Due to a lack of mainly technical experts in their homeland, lots of Dutch companies hire temporary or use sub-contractors from abroad but within the EU.
RESQ is an agent for reliable providers of temporary technical personnel. These providers are located in Germany, England, Hungary, Croatia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Portugal, Scotland, Slovakia and Czech.

These organisations are registered in the Netherlands, pay their taxes as from the first day there, and have at their disposal a NEN-4400-2 (if necessary). They - evidently - perform the complete handling of tasks such as organizing proper housing, transport to and from the project, supporting the foreign workers in The Netherlands as well as dealing with the required forms, permits and certificates.
RESQ Consultancy advises and supports you and coordinates communication between the foreign providers and yourself as the Dutch client.
RESQ Consultancy helps to guarantee your production capacity, in situations such as increased orders, rate of production, and labour force.


Available functions are:


   . Welders on all levels, fully certified

   . Platers / Fitters

   . Pipefitters (Isometrics)

   . Burners / Grinders / Gouging

   . Fairer (Bow)

   . Construction Fitters

   . Mechanics

   . Shaft and Propeller Mechanics

   . Painters / Coaters

   . Grid blasters

   . Electricians

   . CNC turners/millers/grinders

   . Insolation Fitters

   . Scaffolders (Dutch Certified)

   . Rope Acces Specialists (IRATA Certified)

   . NDT Specialists