ESQ Advice

RESQ advises on both the potential and the risks of  foreign temporary personnel and foreign subcontracting

RESQ advice covers:

  • Certification NEN 4400-2.
  • Pros and cons on foreign personnel.
  • International and national law.
  • Dutch Tax Chain Liability Law.
  • Registration Dutch Chamber of Commerce
  • EU norms and values.
  • Liability of foreign agencies.




Due to the many essential issues that have been taken care of in the EU, there are hardly any objections from a governmental point of view, to work in the Netherlands and vice versa.

Obviously, border-crossing labor is one of the cornerstones of the EU. Of course the governing rules have to be handled and controlled appropriately.
Several organizations like the IND, (Imigration Office) labor inspectorates, industrial organizations, tax collectors and (branch) organizations are keen on the correct observance of the

existing rules. This is also due to the fact that an increasing amount of employees work on projects in other EU-states arising from the unification of Europe.

These changes have a number of consequences for the effects on the recording of taks contributions and social security fees for employees and employers.

Furthermore it should be noted that Dutch organizations have no objections to employing foreign workers in The Netherlands, who are governed by the laws of theircountry, provided that the circumstances in which these employees work in the Netherlands comply with the conditions stipulated in the law of their country.
RESQ Consultancy advice will save you from risks.

As you will have understood from the above, it is of the utmost importance that you, as a Dutch company are fully aware of the kind of social security and tax law the concerned employees are governed by, and with which organization you will be working abroad. If the rules are wrongly interpreted, your Dutch company could be charged with substantial payment surcharge (over €10,000 per illegal employment is not exceptional) due to the Dutch Tax Chain Liability Law.

RESQ Consultancy is able to advise you about legal possibilities to delegate labor to foreign companies